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Stand Up Paddle Board Lessons

Melbourne Beach Stand Up Paddle Board Lessons

SUP Eco Adventures is now offering a new option for people looking to learn how to stand up paddle boarding.  SUP Eco Adventures will take individuals from never having seen a board to being confident paddling out on the water.  Individuals will learn basic paddling, broken down into its components, efficient turns, and different stroke techniques.  Lessons can be either private or semi-private; all equipment is provided


Stand Up Paddle Board Fitness

Stand Up Paddle boarding is sweeping the nation and one major reason is the fitness aspect.   Melbourne beach and Cocoa Beach are on the leading edge of this fitness movement.  SUP has been discovered to be a fantastic core work out.  When the participant stands on the board, they are engaging their inner core to maintain their balance.


Springtime Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Cocoa Beach and Melbourne Beach

Spring is coming to the Space Coast and cities such as Cocoa Beach and Melbourne Beach are prime areas where the fastest growing sport in the world is taking off.  Stand Up Paddle boarding in Melbourne Beach and Cocoa Beach have a huge variety of possibilities.  Everything from surfing the waves to touring the clam tranquil waters of the Indian River are two possibilities.  (more…)

SUP Stand Up Paddle – Cocoa Beach, Vero, And Melbourne Beach

SUP has been called the fastest growing sport in the world—Stand Up Paddle boarding or SUP, as it is known in the industry, is sweeping across the country.  It started off in ancient Polynesia, when surf instructors needed to have a better view over their students and the environment.   They took an oversize surfboard and a one handed paddle to stand up on the water and have a great view.  Today, this sport has moved into Florida’s Space Coast.


SUP Stand Up Paddle – Walk On Florida’s Space Coast Water!

As one of the fastest growing water sports, Stand Up Paddle boarding, is becoming more recognizable. What is SUP or Stand Up Paddle? The question of what by some people transformed to WOW how can I do that? Walking in the water? (more…)

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