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SUP Stand Up Paddle – Cocoa Beach, Vero, And Melbourne Beach

SUP has been called the fastest growing sport in the world—Stand Up Paddle boarding or SUP, as it is known in the industry, is sweeping across the country.  It started off in ancient Polynesia, when surf instructors needed to have a better view over their students and the environment.   They took an oversize surfboard and a one handed paddle to stand up on the water and have a great view.  Today, this sport has moved into Florida’s Space Coast.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Cocoa Beach and Melbourne Beach SUP are now providing a way for everyone to enjoy this sport.  Many people have seen surfers out on the waves with their paddle boards because they can catch just about every wave.  Now companies such as SUP Eco Adventures are bringing this sport to the rest of us.   SUP Eco Adventures runs nature tours out of the historic Honest John’s Fish camp which is nestled between Vero Beach and Melbourne Beach.   The SUP Eco tour allows the “everyday Joe” to enjoy the sport, by providing boards which are designed to glide across the flat-water of nature mangrove areas.

But why is this sport becoming so popular?  It offers a great alternative to the traditional fitness routines found in gyms across the country.   SUP provides users a great core workout utilizing their inner muscles to balance while taking in the natural world around them.   In addition, individuals who are looking for a more specialized workout can do anything from Yoga, to cardio and race training.  New fitness routines are being developed daily and used by everyone from supermodels such as Marisa Miller to well know SUP racers.

If fitness is not your ultimate goal on the water, then flat-water SUP is a relaxing easy way to get out and see nature and your local waterways.  Stand Up Paddle boarding gives you a quick, easy way to get out on the water.  With “heavy” boards weighing in at about 30 lbs., anyone can pick up a board and walk it down to their local water hole for a relaxing trip.

Stand Up Paddle boarding has been known in places like Hawaii for years,  however, just  recently cities such as Austin and Orlando started to recognize how much fun can be had on local lakes with a stand up paddle board.  SUP is moving away from being a Hawaiian surf technique to a sport which everyone across the country can enjoy.  So go out and give it a try with a company such as SUP Eco Adventures to see how much fun this can be.

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