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Stand Up Paddle Board Fitness

Stand Up Paddle boarding is sweeping the nation and one major reason is the fitness aspect.   Melbourne beach and Cocoa Beach are on the leading edge of this fitness movement.  SUP has been discovered to be a fantastic core work out.  When the participant stands on the board, they are engaging their inner core to maintain their balance.

Although, standing on a stand up paddle board is not difficult, the act of adjusting to the constantly shifting board position forces the inner core muscles to engage.  In addition to core workouts, a wide variety of other fitness aspects are taking hold.  Individuals are holding yoga classes on the boards.  By utilizing the board as a yoga mat, participates are surrounded by nature.   Getting out of a gyms and workout rooms are one of the reasons people are flocking to the boards and getting out onto the water.

In addition to yoga, many individuals are using Stand Up Paddle boarding as a strength and cardio workout.  With local races spring up all over the country, Melbourne Beach and Cocoa Beach are also playing host to these races.  Individuals are using this no-impact form of cardio training to get them into race condition.  Races range from a few hundred yards to over ten miles, from off shore racing to flat-water lake racing; Stand Up Paddle Board racing is really making a foot-hold.

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