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Surf’s Calming Atlantic

Now with the temperature warming up on Florida’s East Coast the Atlantic waves are getting smaller. Cocoa Beach, Melbourne Beach, and Sebastian Inlet are all known for their surf and people come from around the world.  These are Orlando’s closest beaches and are where millions of people come to ride the waves, but as the summer rolls in, the waves get smaller and some days the ocean is glassy, not a wave in sight.  This would normally lead to people staying on the beach and not being able to ride the liquid world, but now with more and more people discovering stand up paddle boarding, surfing year round is becoming reality.

Stand up paddle boarding is sweeping the nation on the flat waters of inland lakes and rivers, but now this sport can come full circle and allow surfers to enjoy hitting the water even on glassy days.  Stand up paddle boards allow individuals to get out on the water and continue to experience everything nature has to offer.  Whether someone is sitting yards from shore catching small waves and experiencing the thrill of riding the small waves or heading out into the open water to enjoy the serenity of being completely one with Mother Ocean, SUP is now opening new adventures year round.  

In the past, surfers lived for the connection with waves and becoming one with the liquid world, now Cocoa Beach, Melbourne Beach and Vero Beach are becoming year round conduits to Mother Ocean.  SUP allows individuals to stand on water and watch turtles, sharks, and fish swim in their natural environment without any interference from man. 

If you are traveling to Orlando and want to experience the liquid world, head to the closest beaches and find yourself a local SUP shop/tour company who will help you open up your eyes to this new and exciting world, no matter what time of the year.  SUP Eco Adventures will help you explore this new world by teaching you the SUP basics and getting you on the water quickly.  Contact us at 321-507-6058 to book your adventure.

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