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Kayak and Stand Up Paddle boards

Kayakers are new Stand Up Paddle Boarders

For years people looking for a way of enjoying nature on the water have turned to kayaks, but now people are discovering the joys of Stand Up Paddle boarding.  Kayaking has allowed people to get out on the water and float among the flat waters of back of natural waterways.  Kayaking in Melbourne Beach, Cocoa Beach and Vero Beach is no different; people have enjoyed kayaking the Indian River Lagoon.   Kayakers who have enjoyed kayaking all over the world are now looking for something different.   SUP is giving these kayakers the new adventure they are looking for. 

 Stand up paddle boarding allows kayakers to enjoy the flat waters in mangroves, rivers and lakes in much the same way they did in the kayak.  The huge advantage the SUP board brings is versatility.   While riding in a kayak, individuals are locked into a single position, sited either within the kayak or in a molded seat in the sea kayaks.  SUP allows an individual to stand, sit or kneel on the board.  Both a kayak and SUP board have the same navigational capabilities, but only the SUP board provides the versatility to be utilized in different paddling positions.   A kayak and a SUP board average about the same cost, but the paddle board can weigh less than half the weight of a kayak, making them easier to carry and store. 

More and more kayakers are discovering the advantages and the new adventures of standup paddle boarding adding to the increasing popularity of SUP.  Individuals who own multiple kayaks are now looking to replace one of their kayaks with a new stand up paddle board.  This is true across the country and along the Space Coast here in Central FloridaMelbourne Beach, Cocoa Beach and Vero Beach kayakers are converting to new stand up paddle boarders.  SUP Eco Adventures is proud to help kayakers discover the joy and adventures of stand up paddle boarding.  Contact us at 321-507-6058 to learn more about stand up paddle boarding and the amazing waters around central Florida.

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