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Cocoa Beach Kayaking Alternative

Cocoa Beach kayaking Alternative

For years people who are looking to get out on the calm backwaters of the Indian River Lagoon have turned to kayaking.  Kayaking in this area is a great experience and has provided hours of fun for families over the past decade.  SUP Eco Adventures is now providing an amazing alternative to kayaking.  Stand Up Paddle Boarding is sweeping the nation, young and old are discovering just how easy and exciting this sport can be.  The view from standing on the paddle board gives people the most amazing view which is unmatched by kayaks.  Sitting in the kayak does allow you to get out on the water, but individuals are trapped into this position.  SUP Eco Adventures believes there should be more than just sitting on the waters around Cocoa Beach. 

SUP Eco Adventures is the first “only Stand Up Paddle Board” company on the Space Coast, which is dedicated to introducing SUP to the general public.  Kayakers love the feel of gliding across the water, in a tranquil natural area.  Stand Up Paddle Boarding brings this same feeling to people while still allowing them to have amazing views from standing, sitting or kneeling on the boards.  Cocoa Beach has several kayak companies which operate on the Indian River and a few companies who offer Stand Up Paddle Board lessons.  But, none of these companies are dedicated to sharing and spreading Stand Up Paddle boarding with the everyday person.  Not everyone can be a world class surfer, but stand up paddle boarding allows just about everyone to get out and enjoy the water in a completely different way. 

If you have been kayaking for years and are spending your vacation in the Cocoa Beach area, why not give stand up paddle boarding a try.  You’ll get a great workout, amazing views and a totally different experience.  Thousands of individuals who love to kayak are finding a new love and reason to get out on the water with stand up paddle boards.   Give SUP Eco Adventures a call to see what we can do to help you experience this amazing new sport. 

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