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Space Coast Eco Tour

Eco Tours in Melbourne Beach and Cocoa Beach

For years Cocoa Beach and Melbourne Beach have been destinations for people looking for a new and exciting Eco tour of the beautiful waters around the Space-Coast.  Kayaking has been the main way people have explored the mangroves and flat waters in the Indian River Lagoon.   But, now there is a new way of getting around the Indian River Lagoon flat waters, stand up paddle boarding.  Stand up paddle boarders are now becoming a common site among the mangroves.  Kayaks have dominated the view around areas such as the Thousand Islands and Mullet Creek areas, but now stand up paddle boards are joining the kayakers in the flat waters.   Stand up paddle boarding gives people a new and exciting way to explore the mangrove systems around the Indian River Lagoon.  Cocoa Beach, Melbourne Beach and Vero Beach all have direct access to the Indian River Lagoon, and miles and miles of mangroves along their shoreline.  The mangroves provide an area where wind protection is common.  These areas are fantastic areas to explore and provide an Eco tour experience where guest can see manatee, dolphin and all sorts of wildlife.  Paddling in the mangrove systems which are homes to manatee in the summer months, dolphins year round and of course osprey soar overhead.  Eco tourism in a kayak provides a great experience, but when exploring the mangroves an Eco tour takes on a whole new experience.  If you are headed to the Space Coast and are looking for and Eco tour which is new and exciting, contact SUP Eco Adventures to book your opportunity to learn the new sport of stand up paddle boarding.

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