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Sea Turtles of the Space Coast

Sea Turtles of the Space Coast

Sea Turtles off shore

Central Florida has amazing attractions at every turn, Disney World, Universal Studios, the Keys, and countless miles of shoreline.  One amazing attraction which is not known to the general public, but is still one of the wonders of the Turtle off shore underwaterworld is the Space Coast home to the nesting sea turtles.  Every summer thousands of sea turtles make their way back to the beaches of Cocoa Beach, Melbourne Beach and Vero Beach.  These sea turtle nesting grounds are some of the most important nesting grounds to sea turtle survival.  Every year Green Sea Turtles, Leatherbacks, and Loggerheads make their way on shore and lay thousands of eggs.  During late summer, these eggs begin to hatch and the tiny turtles make their way to the ocean.  The unfortunate truth for these baby turtles is that only 1 in a thousand will survive to come back to the same beaches in about 30 years. 

We here at SUP Eco Adventures are so very lucky to be able to witness this amazing cycle.  We spend hours out in these turtles natural habit and can witness the laying of eggs on the beach every evening.  The flat waters of the Atlantic in the summer time allow us to go out and paddle among the turtles.  One of the most amazing sites is paddling out a mile into the Atlantic, and being surrounded by 25-30 turtles.  The sea turtles stay out in the ocean until nightfall, then they make their way onto shore.  One of the most exciting adventures is something we get to do every day, we take our stand up paddle boards down to the ocean and paddle out on the flat water.  Hours pass quickly as sea turtles surround every stand up paddle board, and the view of a several hundred pound sea turtle swimming under your stand up paddle board will be a once in a lifetime event. 

If you are headed to Central Florida and want to have a new and exciting adventure, contact SUP Eco Adventures to see if we can arrange this once in a lifetime adventure. 

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