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Top 5 Activities for your Vero Beach, Florida Vacation

5) Shopping. Vero Beach offers something for shoppers of all ages, interests and incomes. From quaint boutiques, to interesting eclectic art galleries to economical yet upscale outlets, Vero Beach offers it all. If you’re a fashionista you won’t be disappointed in this vacation destination!

4) Arts and Culture. Vero Beach has an abundance of art and cultural events available year round. Riverside Theater, Vero Beach Museum of Art, and a number of festivals throughout the year will certainly appeal to a variety of tastes.These activities will be sure to keep everyone in your family engaged and entertained.
3) Dining. Vero Beach is a wonderful foodie vacation destination. From quaint cafes, to upscale lounges there are options for all budgets and tastes! With Vero Beach’s beautiful beaches along the Atlantic Coast, be sure to make reservations at some of the oceanside restaurants. Be sure to check out for more details on some unique and delectable dining options.
2) Beaches. Vero Beach offers clean, picturesque shorelines with dining and shopping options right offshore. Vero Beach is NOT your spring break destination, it definitely is the romantic, beautiful, sophisticated beach option you’ve been looking for! Beautiful beaches where sea turtles nest, birds soar above, and dolphins are regularly seen right offshore await!
1) . Eco tours. The natural beauty and amazing waterways in the Vero Beach area is certainly the key reason that visitors flock to Vero Beach. An exciting addition to your options to explore and learn about the natural wonders Florida has to offer, is Stand Up Paddle Boarding Ecotours. The fastest growing sport of SUP has hit Florida’s Atlantic Coast. Stand Up Paddle Boarding Eco tours are now available to residents and visitors to the treasure coast. Dolphins, Otters, and manatees are the stars but you will definitely be the envy of all your friends when you return home having mastered this easy but exciting new skill! Your best bet to ensure you have a great first experience is to call 321-507-6058 as soon as you arrive and schedule your adventure. Visit today to schedule this Florida vacation Adventure.

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