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Melbourne Beach Stand Up Paddle Board lessons

Private 60 minute lesson – $50

SUP Eco Adventures is a leader in Stand Up Paddle boarding.  We are always looking to help move SUP forward and help everyone enjoy the sensation of walking on water.   As part of this commitment, we offer private SUP lessons through a secluded natrual area.  We love to help individuals who are new to SUP gain confidence and experience.  We’ll teach you paddling techniques which will help you glide along without wasted effort and allow you to more fully enjoy your experience.  You’ll learn how to turn with less effort and increase your maneuverability.  All this, while having fun in a natural paradise!

Stand up paddle boarding adventure tour with SUP Eco Adventures

Stand up paddle boarding adventure tour with SUP Eco Adventures

– Paddle Stroke

We break down each stroke into the individual components to ensure you have the proper stroke technique to increase speed and efficiency.

– Proper Turning Techniques

We’ll share different turning techniques to help you become move maneuverable on the water.

– Proper Body Position / Posture

You’ll enjoy more time on the water as you’ll be more comfortable for longer periods of time on the board.

– Different Paddle Styles

As you progress in your lessons, experiment with different styles to find your ideal stroke and turns

– Natrual Secluded Area

You will learn to paddle in secluded areas with only a fishmen or two, plus the dolphin and manatee to keep you company
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Private 60 minute lesson – $50

Price includes:



Water Safety Instruction

On-land Instruction

Water Instruction

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